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Regional Responsibilities

  1. Reporting​​​

    • Quarterly Work Plan Updates​​

    • Monthly & Quarterly FSRs

  2. Membership

    • Engage diverse group of sectors in Collaborative​​

    • Family engagement

    • Documentation of represented sectors

  3. Member Engagement

    • Gather family/consumer feedback at least 2x/year​​

    • Convene large Collaborative minimum of quarterly

    • Convene SC and leadership meetings as needed

  4. Participation in State Perinatal Collaborative

    • Use PDSA methodology to conduct improvement projects that protect the health/well-being of moms and babies​​

    • Submit monthly PDSA data and project updates to MDHHS/MSU QI Advisors

    • Attend learning sessions with other members of the State Learning Collaborative, sharing regional experiences 

  5. In-Person Attendance at MDHHS Meetings 

    • Region 8 Collaborative Meetings (4x/year minimum) ​​

    • Region 8 Steering committee (as needed)

    • Maternal Infant Health and Equity Collaborative (4x/year) Community of Practice Webinars (6 to 8 times/year)

    • Maternal Infant Health Summit (Annually) 

    • Regional Learning Collaborative (2x/year)

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