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Free Online Courses

Here to help you prepare for all things birth, postpartum, and overall health and wellbeing

Expecting Couple

“Birth and Beyond” Classes

Join forces with Certified Childbirth Educators, mental health gurus, IBCLCs, and a physician to unlock the secrets of birth and postpartum in a cozy, virtual hub. You’ll have a chance to grill the experts with your questions, and they’ll dish out savvy answers.


Course topics include:

Weeks 1-3: Labor and Delivery

Week 4: What happens after birth?

Week 5: Newborn care

Week 6: Infant Feeding

**Participants who live in Region 8 and who attend at least 4 of the 6 classes, will receive a car seat, diapers and wipes, or a pack-n-play for FREE!**

NEXT CLASS SERIES BEGINS November 13th, 2023 and will meet every Monday from 6pm-8pm. The final class will be held on December 18th.


Can’t make the November class? No worries! We’ll have another session beginning on January 4th, 2024 which will meet every Thursday from 6pm-8pm. The final class will be held on February 8th, 2024

“Reducing Your Risk” class

Did you know that perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are the #1 complication of pregnancy? 

Join us for a one hour virtual course, taught by Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professionals. This course will provide birthing persons and their support people:

  • On what to expect postpartum mentally and emotionally

  • With tools and resources should they begin to struggle

  • With assistance on creating a postpartum emergency plan

*Participants from Region 8 who participate in the class will receive a $25 gift card**

Remaining 2023 class dates:

  • November 14th @ 6pm

  • December 12th @ 5:30pm

Prenatal Yoga

A great learning environment begins with great educators. Come “meet” your teachers!

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