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Resources in Calhoun County, MI

These resources have been compiled from various lists across Region 8. At times, availability of certain resources may change. If you are seeking resources, we highly encourage you to call the organization to ensure that resources are still available. If you find that our list needs amending or additions, please let us know! Click HERE to leave comments and suggestions for us!

For additional information and resources, call 2-1-1

WIC is a program housed within the Calhoun County Health Department. It offers nutrition information for parents and babies, breastfeeding support, supplemental foods, and referrals to healthcare services if needed.

Multiple offices:

Breastfeeding 24/7 “warm line”- (269) 339-1669…. Call or text with breastfeeding questions 24/7

Battle Creek location: (269) 969-6960

Albion location: (866) 303-9436

Click HERE for WIC Website

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